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A Guide to Purchasing the Perfect Double Dog Stroller

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When you first hear the phrase “dog stroller,” you might immediately picture an overly-pampered pooch riding around in style and scoff at the idea. However, many dog owners purchase pet strollers for reasons other than fashion or comfort. Not only do they keep your dog safe from icy or hot roads, but they also allow you to travel far distances without worrying if your little friend can’t keep up. Have two cuddly pups? There are double-dog strollers that can fit your needs, whatever they may be.

If you’re interested in acquiring a safe and comfortable ride for your furry duo, there are a few things to keep in mind while shopping:

Determine What Kind of Dual Pet Carrier You’ll Need

Before beginning your hunt, you’ll need to figure out when you’ll use your double-dog stroller. Will you be jogging while pushing your dogs along, or will you be biking with the pups in tow behind you? Different activities call for different stroller materials and structures, so determine what you’ll need your stroller to do regularly before making a purchase. Additionally, consider where and how you will store the stroller. Lightweight, small carriers can be folded up and shoved in closets, but larger strollers might require more storage space.

Select a Stroller That Fits Your Furry Friends

When it comes to purchasing a pet buggy, it’s important to realize that one size doesn’t fit all. Your pooches will need to be able to sit, stand, and lay down without feeling cramped. Therefore, you’ll have to take your dogs’ measurements before committing to a double-dog stroller. Remember, if you’re purchasing for young puppies, they’ll need space to grow into their pet carrier, so base your purchase off of their predicted future size. Additionally, every dog stroller probably has a different weight limit, so you’ll need to make sure it can securely hold your pet without breaking.

What Extra Features Would You Like It to Have?

Pet buggies can vary drastically when it comes to bonus features, so you’ll need to figure out what is important to you in advance. Do you need the stroller to come with storage space so you can bring extra snacks or toys? Is it hot where you live? If so, you might want a double-doggie stroller that comes with a canopy or some other form of shade provision so your furry companions don’t overheat. You’ll also want to consider your own comfort; some strollers have comfortable handle grips while others don’t. Stroller heights can also impact your ability to easily push or pull the product, so you might want to test it out before spending any money.

How Much Will You Spend on a Double-Dog Stroller

Strollers for pets can cost as little or as much as you’re comfortable with. The price will most likely depend on the features and style you’re looking for. The better quality and more features, the more expensive (potentially more than $200-300). If you’re just looking for a basic dog carrier with wheels, you might not have to shell out more than $50 or so. Determine what you’ll need and what your budget is, then start shopping accordingly.

To browse a wide selection of well-reviewed double-dog strollers, visit Double Dog Strollers. Their resources and information will help you make the best decision for your pets.